We will lend money against (pawn) most items of value.

• Professional and finer household electronics
• Musical instruments
• Cameras
• Professional grade tools
* Collectibles
* We specialize in gold and gem stone jewelry.
Norwalk Pawn Shop is one of the leading providers of Pawn related services in Southern California. Known for our superior customer service and integrity, we strive to make our customers experience the best in th industry..We operate in a department store format with showroom and jewelry departments that are well stocked with both new and refurbished quality merchandise.
We Buy Gold & Silver Paying the Highest Prices ANYWHERE !
Norwalk Pawn 14523 Pioneer Blvd Norwalk, CA 90650 ~ (562) 864-2221
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When our customers want to save some cash on a purchase or borrow some cash for their short term needs Norwalk Pawn is the trusted source to provide them with professional service.
If the pawn customer chooses not to redeem
their pawned item within the agreed upon time we then refurbish the item and sell it at a fraction of its original retail price. We welcome new and existing customers to stop in our stores and explore the wide array of merchandise available for purchase.
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Norwalk Pawn can allow fast access to cash!
(562) 864-2221
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